Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X


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Product information

Pros and cons

  • Can be used immediately thanks to Plug & Play technology
  • This flight stick is used to control the rudder of your aircraft
  • The distance between the flightstick and throttle is limited to a maximum of 45 centimeters

High quality HOTAS combination

In our opinion, the Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick HOTAS X is highly recommendable to everyone who is just starting out with flight simulation, but also for everyone searching for a high quality HOTAS combination (flightstick and throttle) at a competitive price.
The HOTAS X is compatible wit hall popular flight simulators, and is recognized (and set up automatically) within Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020) and X-Plane 11. What is great about the ergonomic designed flightstick, is that the stick’s resistance can be adjusted with a rotary switch. In addition, the T.Flight Stick HOTAS X has a detachable throttle, meaning this set can be used in almost every situation: on your lap (for console gaming), or on your desk, for example. The maximum distance between the flightstick and throttle is limited to a maxmum of 45 centimeters.

You will find 12 buttons on this set, which can be programmed according to your own preferences. These setting scan be saved on the stick itself, so you will always have your settings with you, no matter where you are flying.

With both the joystick and the throttle it is possible to control your rudder. The flightstick has the possibility to twist, while the throttle is equipped with a slider.


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