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Product information

Pros and cons of the Playseat Airforce

  • Suitable for almost all flight sticks and throttles
  • Easy to install; the chair is ready to use within ten minutes
  • Easy to store thanks to its unique, foldable design
  • Rudder pedals cannot be attached to the playseat

Suitable for the premier brands flightsim hardware

The Playseat Air Force is a flight seat that is compatible with virtually all flight sticks and throttles made by large brands such as Logitech, Saitek, and Thrustmaster.
The comfortable seat has three different positions to place your flight stick: in the middle, or on one of the side supports on the left or right side. Of course, you place your throttle on the remaining side support. All three plates are adjustable.

Built for stability and comfort

The Playseat is built for stability and comfort. The construction is made of (partially powder coated) steel, and the seat itself is covered with sustainable Alcantara. The Playseat Airforce weighs 26 kg, and the seat is suitable for users between 1.20m and 2.20m with a maximum weight of 122 kg.


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