Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Lite


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Product information

Pros and cons

  • The Flight Simulator Lite is foldable, and therefore easy to store
  • Logitech, Saitek, and Thrustmaster’s hardware can be mounted directly on the stand
  • Suitable for joystick and throttle, and hotas combinations
  • The setup, including flightsim, is rather heavy; therefore, moving it can be tricky for younger flightsimmers

Compact mobile flight simulator cockpit

The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Lite is a compact flightsim seat that, with hardware mounted on it, is foldable and can be stored easily. This is the ideal solution for everyone who does not have enough space for a permanent flight simulator setup, because when folded, the cockpit only measures 45 x 120 x 115 cm.

It is easy to mount your Flight Simulator hardware to the Flight Simulator Lite. Logitech, Saitek, and Thrustmaster’s hardware can be secured to one of the plates with pre-drilled screw holes. Other brands’ hardware can be mounted on it with a clamp included with the flightsim hardware (if applicable).
You can also easily store your keyboard and mouse on this flight simulator seat. Note that when flying with a yoke, the keyboard holder is used to mount the yoke.

This product by Next Level Racing is made out of steel. Therefore, it is solid, and it has a maximum user weight of 130 kgs. Everyone with a height between 1.20m and 2.00m can fly comfortably in this flight seat.


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