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Product information

The next-gen Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator (previously named 'Flight Simulator 2020' or 'FS2020') is the next-gen flight simulator and the already legendary successor to Microsoft FSX. From small planes to airliners, from America to Antarctica; you can fly all over the world in the most realistic aircraft that have been recreated in great detail. Fly in the most realistic and challenging weather conditions and relish the experience!

A completely new 3D engine

Microsoft has developed a completely new 3D engine for Flight Simulator. This engine supports 4K displays and HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographic images, making this flightsim more detailed than all its predecessors. All these details are brought to life with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI); for example, water will flow in the direction of the wind.

Ultra realistic flight model

With a newly developed flight model, Microsoft Flight simulator is more realistic than ever. Forces are dynamically built up, influenced by weather conditions and other factors like flying through clouds. This makes the simulation ultra realistic.

Compatible with your favorite flight controls

At the time Microsoft announced its new flight simulator they said 'no pilot should be left behind', meaning that it is their intention to make as much hardware compatible with their software. And they did fulfill their promise.

Most flight controls , such as joysticks, yokes or rudder pedals, of the brands best-sold worldwide (Honeycomb Aeronautical, Logitech G, Thrustmaster and Virtual Fly) are fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Devices of these brands are recognized and the proper mapping is applied. However, this still doesn't mean that all flight controls, or its peripherals, of these brands will work immediately (without any configuration). As for non-mentioned brands: it is expected for them to still work but with more customization by the user to map the keys properly.

In the box

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (10x DVD)
  • Manual
  • Premium Deluxe guide
  • Poster with key-assignments


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