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Product information

Magnetos, gear-lever and 15 switches.

This Saitek Pro Flight Switch panel is the best-selling flight sim module on our website. On this panel you will find fifteen switches, including those for lighting, pitot heat and the fuel pump. A gear lever with LED-indication as well as a magneto switch as you will find in most small airplanes are also found on this panel, making the Saitek Switch panel a welcome addition to any home cockpit.

Build your own cockpit.

The Saitek modules can be easily exchanged, allowing you to easily expand or alter your home cockpit. They are easily installed on the Saitek Yoke system, but are also easy to use in combination with other (non-Saitek) joysticks.
When connecting several panels, we recommend a USB-hub with external power supply.

In the box

  • Saitek Switch Panel
  • Saitek Mounting system
  • Manual


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