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Product information

Pro's and cons of the Buttkicker Gamer2

  • Brings your simulation to life
  • Very easy to attach to your office chair
  • Suitable for PC, Mac and game consoles
  • The remote control is wired

Add power to your seat

With the convection cooled Buttkicker Gamer 2 you bring flying to life. With the easy to mount Buttkicker you can feel vibrations not only during take-offs and landings, but also during the unfolding of the speedbrakes or gear, for example. Add an extra dimension to your simulator that allows you not to feel a good landing!

Feel the power of your engine

The Buttkicker Gamer 2 is not only suitable for flight simulator, but also is a great addition to racing games. Turn your chair into a racing seat and feel the power of the engine, feel the shifting, and even feel the collisions if you make a steering mistake. The Gamer 2 works with any racing game on your favorite gaming console (Playstation and Xbox), and on PC or Mac.

The bass shaker is convection cooled with vents, so you won't be bothered by a noisy fan.

No arguments with the neighbors

The power of 75-250 watts can be adjusted by using the supplied remote control (wired). This allows you to really get carried away while flying and your neighbors won't be complaining about the bass tones.

Package Contents

  • Buttkicker Gamer2
  • Buttkicker Amplifier (BKA-130-Ci Power Amplifier)
  • Connection cable (between ButtKicker and Amplifier)
  • RCA and mini adapter + cable
  • 2 cable holders (made of Velcro)
  • Manual



5.0 / of 5 stars

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